Our Males have been bred to the highest standard quality. Our Stud Dogs are OFA health tested Show Dogs. Frozen, Fresh and Fresh Chilled Semen is available to approved females. 

GCH Starlight Cosmokramer Topbrass (AKA Kramer)

OFA Health
Heart: BU-BCA31/20M/P-VPI
HUU: clear – BU-HU557/6M-P
Thyroid: BU-TH715/16M-VPI
Trachea: BU-TRH1051/16M-VPI
Hips: normal, no dysplasia 
Elbows: no dysplasia 

Starlight You Are Sooo Good Lookin` (AKA Hoagie)

DOB: August 26, 2022
OFA & Championship in progress 
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