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We are members in good standing with CKC, AKC, US and Canada National and Regional Bulldog Clubs. 
Please contact to order The Bulldog Monograph by John A. Little, Ph. D – great resource for a beginner and experienced Bulldogger. 

Before purchasing a purebred dog, we recommend that you do some careful research. Here are some links that will help you along the way.

Some of these links will help you find a reputable breeder; some of the links will help you decide if a bulldog is right for you. We love bulldogs but the breed might not be right for you. It’s a good idea to visit several breeders and to consider different breeds so that you are making an informed, careful decision.

Useful links

The Bulldog Club of Canada 
The Canadian Kennel Club 
The Bulldog Club of America 
The American Kennel Club 

Recommended books

K9 Kitchen Your Dog’s Diet: The Truth Behind the Hype by Monica SegAL

  • A Kennel Club Book – Bulldog, A Comprehensive Guide To Owning And Caring For Your Dog
  • Book of the Bulldog by Joan Brearley


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The Bulldog Monograph

written by John A. Little, Ph.D

The price to ship in Canada is $75 including shipment costs; outside Canada USD$50 plus shipment costs.

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